Testimonials From Industry Professionals...

 Sharon Dowsett 

"They are extremely practical and obviously designed by experienced professionals. I love all the spacious pockets and divisions, especially the zip pouch for tissues and wet wipes. The bags are durable, easy to clean and transparent - I can see where everything is stored in a flash, ensuring that I don't take up time scrabbling for the right brush or product! Congratulations to the bag lady!! Thank you so much for giving me such a variety!"

Andrew Gallimore

"Congratulations. What a great, practical bit of kit!!...I like how you can wear it and it doesn't roll around your body like the round ones...and the tissue holder has changed my life"  


Armand Beasley


"This set bag is a dream to use! You can tell that a make up artist has created it as the compartments are varied, practical and neat. I particularly like the sturdy yet comfortable handles

and the tissue pocket! A perfect companion for any MUA."



Namrata Soni


"These bags are amazing!"


Nadira V Persaud


"With my medium polka dot set bag I have a workable storage solution!

I can efficiently store my essentials and have easy-to-reach access that ultimately saves me time whilst on-set as well as when setting up for the day or packing up after a long day.  

Without doubt, the Get Set Go Bags line successfully meets the demands of being a Make Up Artist!”

 Lucy Pearson


"Get Set Go Bags are a class apart because of their generous amount of compartments. These easy to reach and varying size compartments make reaching for specific products much easier on set. The handles are also very comfy and sturdy (the first time I arrived at work with it I had that 'brand new bag at school feeling' that I haven't had since I was 16!)"

Joey Bevan

"I absolutely love my Get Set Go Bags - as a busy fashion stylist on set, I need a set bag which is 1. Easy to find & 2. Great storage - My GSG bag does it all!! Love it"

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